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Rumpelstilzchen Activities

Take the following list of words from the story and fill them into the sentences below. Then try and find all the words in the wordsearch below
  • astonished
  • beautiful
  • commanded
  • daughter
  • evening
  • frightened
  • important
  • lament
  • maiden
  • messenger
  • morning
  • mountain
  • necklace
  • promise
    1. The king was ______________ and delighted when he saw all the gold.
    2. If you are very sorry for what you have done then you ____________.
    3. A _____________ is a young woman.
    4. A boy is a son, and a girl is a _____________.
    5. The king _____________ the miller's daughter to spin straw into gold.
    6. If you are very very scared then you are _____________.
    7. The miller's daughter wasn't just pretty she was very _____________.
    8. The sun comes up in the _____________ and sets in the ___________.
    9. The ____________ reached high into the sky.
    10. The king is a very ______________ person because he runs the whole country.
    11. If you make a ___________ then you have to do what you said you will.
    12. A _____________ is someone who runs errands for you.
    13. You wear a ___________ around your neck.
    R F C B E A U T I F U L U M
    P R O M I S E P E L S A T I
    A I M P O R T A N T L M Z C
    S G M O U N T A I N H E E N
    T H A R U M P E L S T N I L
    O T N Z C H D A U G H T E R
    N E D M O R N I N G E N R M
    I N E C K L A C E U M P E A
    S E D L S T I L Z C H E N I
    H D R U M P E L S T I L Z D
    E V E N I N G C H E N R U E
    D M P E M E S S E N G E R N
    1. Why did the miller lie to the King and say his daughter could spin straw into gold?
    2. Why did the miller's daughter agree to give Rumpelstilzchen her first born child?
    3. The King locked the miller's daughter in a room and told her she would die if she did not spin the straw into gold. Why was the King so cruel?
    4. When the miller's daughter had married the King and was now the Queen she was as rich as she could ever had dreamed. When Rumpelstilzchen came for the child she offered him the riches of the Kingdom in exchange, which he turned down. Why was a child worth as much as the Kingdom? Why did Rumpelstilzchen want the child instead of the gold?
    Other Fun Things
    1. Rumpelstilzchen was so sure that no one would ever guess his name that he was singing and dancing when the Queen's messenger found him. Draw a picture of Rumpelstilzchen dancing around a fire by his house.
    2. Gold is a very expensive metal which people like to have. They make watches other things out of it. Research gold and find out why it is so expensive. You can look for information in your library, on your computer, or ask your parents.
    3. We have some pictures you can print out and colour from the story. You should ask your parent's permission first since they may need to help you. [PICTURES]

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