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Jack And The Beanstalk Activities

Each of the following words matches with a definition. Match each word with its meaning and fill the word into the crossword puzzel below.

  • cheerful
  • children
  • comfortable
  • curious
  • exchange
  • extraordinary
  • gigantic
  • hesitated
  • melody
  • ogre
  • prepare
  • shiver
  • squawking
  • thief
  • transform
  • tremendous
  • widow
  • Across

    1.Young people
    2.Very very large
    4.Not ordinary at all
    6.Very inquisitive
    7.To get ready for something
    9.A big ugly monster
    10.To shake from cold or fright
    12.The tune to a song
    13.A large sharp noise
    15.To trade one thing for another

    2.To change from one thing to the next
    5.Someone who steals things
    8.A woman who's husband has died
    11.To wait
    14.Very very big
    16.Same as 6 across
    [Crossword Puzzel]
    1. Why did Jack need to sell the cow? Why did Jack make a bad trade?
    2. Why did Jack climb the bean stalk?
    3. Jack stole gold from the giant, then a hen, then a harp. Was what Jack did good or bad?
    4. Jack woke up one day and discovered a large beanstalk climbing into the sky. He went away without telling his mother and then took things from strangers he did not know. What would you do differently if you were Jack?
    Other Fun Things
    1. Jack had many adventures in the story. Draw a picture of Jack climbing the bean stalk, or draw another scene from the tale.
    2. Jack traded his cow for beans which were thrown into the ground and grew. You can grow your own bean sprouts by taking a glass (one you can see through) and some paper towel. Put the paper towel in the glass and put the beans between the glass and the towel (so you can see them). Then pour some water in the glass and put it in a dark place. Check it everyday to make sure the paper towel is still wet. It will quickly begin to grow.

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